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Refer new Premium business members to WomanOwnedNewYork.com and receive up to a 20%* discount each time you renew your membership!

Gaining Referrals

Your referral count will be increased by 1 for each new member who signs up for a Premium membership and enters your member id in the Member Referral Code field, and does not cancel the membership.

To increase your referral count, remember to ask your referrals to enter your 6 digit Membership ID (listed at the top of your Membership Information page) during the sign-up process.

Receiving Your Referral Discount

If your referral count is greater than 0 when you renew your membership, you will receive 1 dollar off of your renewal price for each referral that you made in the past year up to a maximum of 4 referrals
(or 20%) for the year.
The discounted price will appear on the secure payment page.

If you have more than 4 referrals, the remaining referrals will be carried over and will be available as discount dollars for the following year.

For example -

If your Referral Count is:Your Membership Discount will be:Your Remaining Referrals:
6$4 (20%)2 referrals will be available for next year's membership renewal
2$2 (10%)0

NOTE: Your referral count will be decreased by the amount of referral dollars used each time you renew your membership.

* Rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

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