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The Promotional Pen, an Essential Advertising Medium
By Marilyn Adams

General writing pens are as basic to office operations as stationary, paper clips and business cards. We would never think of running out of them. However it's a different story when it comes to promotional pens. They are generally viewed as an optional item, something we order only when we want an inexpensive give away item.

Promotional pens are custom printed and include company information like name, address and phone number. They can include an advertising message, or web address. They differ from general writing pens in that they are used to promote a business, product/service or event. If you look at promotional pens and how they are used, you'll soon discover that they are an excellent advertising medium, a real asset to any company. What better way to introduce your company, roll out a new product or service or list your website than with a promotional pen?

Think of how many times you have asked a waiter, insurance agent, receptionist, attendant or other company representative, "Do you have a pen?" when you're ready to pay your bill or sign a document. Someone will typically scramble for a pen until one is found. You may have to go through a pen or two before finding one that looks presentable and works well enough to complete the transaction.

Clever managers have taken care of this issue by purchasing promotional pens regularly and strategically placing them throughout their establishments. This makes it convenient for customers to locate them when needed and ensures that customers have an attractive, functional pen for transactions. Added benefits are that pens provide contact information in a format that's more practical than a business card and promotional pens arm customers with a way to advertise and promote without making a sales pitch!!

Firms like banks and hotels use an unimaginable number of pens and they place them everywhere. They know that pens are affordable, practical, functional and mobile. The typical pen travels to numerous locations providing enormous exposure for any advertising message. These companies know that pens are handed off for signatures and written transactions, ending up in pockets, planners, purses, briefcases, and bags. They are left on tables, counters and desks in every industry. Pens as an advertising medium are designed to reinforce your company name in the minds of customers. All this exposure translates to awareness, convenience and increased revenues.

We recommend that companies purchase several kinds of promotional pens for different applications. For example, there should always be a supply of promotional pens for every day office use. These pens should be imprinted with company contact information that tells customers who you are, what you do and how to contact you. That information will come in handy when they are ready to do business. They should provide for convenience, easy access and distribution to customers who come to your establishment. Promotional pens used daily by employees or volunteers that do a lot of handwriting should be ergonomically correct, with grips for easy handling.

A high quality promotional pen should be used for business gifts and special occasions. Some examples include speaker's gifts, graduation gifts, employee recognition, surpassing milestones, and other special occasions. These pens can be engraved and include company name, the date of the occasion or recognition, and the name of the recipient.

Be careful not to include too much promotional information on a special occasion pen. Items that are given as gifts should be more about the recipient, not the promotion of your company. However, the benefit to your company is that you recognize and motivate employees (and those who contribute to your success) for the great work they are doing. Happy people will spread the word to their friends and relatives.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/branding-articles/the-promotional-pen-an-essential-advertising-medium-274240.html

About the Author:

Marilyn Adams has helped business owners and managers match ideas, concepts and programs with items designed to help their organization grow. Her blog, Promotional Insights has articles and information for event planners, new business owners and decision makers interested in learning about the benefits of promotional items. To visit or order promotional items and gifts from her website, click here.

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