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Getting Clients by PULLING Them to You
By Jennifer Davey

In order to PULL clients to your business you need to speak specifically to your target market and tell them how your service will work for them.  In other words, let them know the results they will get. One way to tout the benefits of working with you is to turn your business features into business benefits.

Every business offers features to clients.  Features are nice, but they are more about you and your process then about your clients.  Offer a feature such as a "one hour start up consultation" is great, but it doesn't let the potential client envision how your business will work for them.  Creating benefits from features makes shows clients what's in it for them.  When you let your clients know the BENEFITS of working with you it's easy to PULL them to you.

So how do you create a benefit from a feature? By asking the question "Why would my client care". So let's walk though a few examples.

Feature - one hour start up consultation
Question - "Why would my clients care that I offer a one hour start up consultation?"
Benefit /Answer - The one hour consultation gives my clients a jumpstart on getting clients.

Feature - my clients receive is recordings of each session
Question - "Why would my clients care that I offer a recording of each session?"
Benefit /Answer - clients can fully participate in the moment and review the important information we discussed later, so they don't miss anything.

Being clear on the benefits of your features and the benefits of working with you will help you create compelling copy that motivates clients to take action and call you.

About the Author

Small Business Coach and Marketing Strategist, Jennifer Davey, is the author of the "Getting Clients Home Study Program", the step-by-step guide to getting clients, building your business and making more income. To discover more details on her Home Study Program and get a copy of her 14-Step Formula for Getting Clients visit http://jjscoaching.com/free-marketing-tips/

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