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Getting Clients by Making Marketing a Priority
By Jennifer Davey

Your business needs clients to survive and thrive.  There are several steps you must take to attract and to make your business grow.

Getting clients needs to be part of your daily business routine.  You need to feed your business like you feed your body, with fresh clients.  Neglect this for too long and your business grows weak.  Schedule business development on a daily basis and attracting clients becomes a healthy habit.

It's important to know what motivates you in your business.  This is your WHO, as in "Who am I". It's very hard to build a successful business if it is not in line with your values. Think about what is important to you. Clients will gravitate to you when your business, values and priorities line up.

Decide on the long-term path for your business.  This is your WHAT. What is your business and what do you want it to grow in to.  What do you see your business doing in 5 years?  Create a vision.

Find your niche and highlight it to attract new clients.  People are always looking for specialist. Plus they pay more for specialists. Set your business apart from the competition by becoming an expert in what you do best.

Do your research.  Figure out how clients find you.  How do they search the Internet to find your website?  What are they looking for specifically?  Research can help give you a marketing game plan and save time and effort.  It can also be used to write copy that PULLS clients to you. Your research can help you position your business so clients call to say "You are just what I am looking for! I want to work with you."

Create a website for your company. Your website should be designed with a goal in mind. What do you want your web site visitors to DO? Then create the website in a way that TELLS clients what you want them to do.

Spend some time looking at your industry, competitors and exploring creative marketing tactics. This HOW you are going to get your message seen by new clients.

Package your products and services in ways that help your clients. You can help you clients be satisfied, by creating packages that not only solve their problem, but will fulfill them.

Remember that marketing is an essential part of your business.  Make it a priority and your business will never lack for clients.  Make sure to keep marketing simple, fun and repeatable.  The easier it is and more fun you have, the better your results at getting clients.  Lastly, keep track of how your techniques are working, so you know where to spend your time.  Ask clients for feedback on how marketing worked.  Always look for ways to improve.

About the Author

Jennifer Davey is a Small Business Coach and Marketing Strategist. Jennifer coaches small businesses, self employed professionals, and solopreneurs in strategies for getting clients and making more income. Learn what you need to know to get client's, by reading Jennifer's FREE report "What You Need to Know to Be Successful at Getting Clients", available at http://jjscoaching.com/free-marketing-tips/

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