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Creating Loyal Clients - Satisfy Clients by Doing More Than Expected
By Jennifer Davey

Most small businesses have limits to both time and money.  This doesn't mean that they can't exceed client expectations on a continual basis.  By exceeding expectations you will keep current clients and bring in great referral clients.  Then you will likely see both time and money expand.

Keeping clients will move your business along at a steady pace.  Here are some ways to accomplish this task.

Live up to the basics of your contract.  Most clients are thrilled if you exceed expectations, but they will be very upset if you come in under expectations.

Keep deadlines sacred.  Clients often depend on your work to begin other projects.  Missing deadlines may mean losing money.  If you are going to miss a deadline, let your client know ahead of time.

Keep the lines of communication open and constant.  Clients want to know how their project is coming.  Don't leave them in the dark.  They will appreciate updates and take it as a sign that you are involved.

-  Return all messages.  Never leave an email or phone call unreturned.  Even when things are hectic, return messages with a polite explanation.  Ignoring clients creates major problems.

Let clients know about buying in your industry.  The more clients understand your industry, the more confident they will be in your work.

Form a relationship with clients.  When you read something that might be interesting to a client, forward it on with a note.  Make contact even when you aren't working with them.  Let them know you are there to help if they need it.  Get them interested in your work.

Make good referrals to your clients.  This is a small business world and people appreciate finding professionals who know what they are doing.  You can also refer your client to other clients.

Be picky about clients.  Don't work with people just for the money.  A client that causes trouble for you will affect the work.  Be at your best by working with the best.

Look for ways to give more to clients.  This is going beyond what you promised.  Maybe you can perform some additional work at no charge.  Clients really respond positively to this.

Don't take it personally.  Clients need to k now that they can give you feedback on work.  What you think works, may not work for the client.  It's not personal.  It's always a job and getting feedback and fixing work based on that feedback is how you do the best job.

Find out what clients really want and work to offer that service.  This will work to expand your opportunities.

Be nice.  Nobody wants to work with an attitude.  People want pleasant experiences.  Be nice, it's free.

Don't be shy about offering solutions.  Clients hire you because you're the expert.  They will appreciate positive suggestions about how to improve the work.

-  Be honest about payments.  Nobody likes the feeling of getting taken financially.  Avoid any problems by being up-front about what your service costs and how it breaks down.

By giving more than expected you will improve as a professional.  Your enjoyment at the job will increase and so will your profits.

About the Author

Jennifer Davey is a Small Business Coach and Marketing Strategist. Jennifer coaches small businesses, self employed professionals, and solopreneurs in strategies for getting clients and making more income. Learn what you need to know to get client's, by reading Jennifer's FREE report "What You Need to Know to Be Successful at Getting Clients", available at http://jjscoaching.com/free-marketing-tips/

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