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5 Tips You Can Implement Immediately to Attract Ideal Clients Today
By Lisa Fraser

One of the main reasons that coaches and consultants end up giving up on their business, often just too soon, and going back to a regular job is the inability to generate enough business income by serving clients. Even the most well-trained, experienced and caring coaches can have difficulty with attracting clients. Is there a secret to client-attracting success? Well, yes and no. Yes in the sense that there are ways that are more successful than others to attract clients. And no, in the sense that waiting for clients to just show up will definitely not attract clients.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you start attracting ideal clients right away:

Know who your ideal client is. Having a niche is extremely valuable, particularly when it has been carefully considered and well thought out. Your niche needs to made up of people that you work well with and can identify with. Perhaps they have a problem that you have personally overcome, or they are in an industry with which you have extensive experience.

Have an intriguing results-oriented answer to the question, "So what do you do?". Being able to describe the results that your clients get to have as a result of working with you is not only an effective client-attracting marketing tool, more importantly, it gives the client confidence that you understand their pressing problem and that you can solve it.

Stop hiding out! Get yourself in front of a group of people to speak. You can offer to give a talk at a meeting or event within your industry to get yourself in front of your ideal clients. Seeing you on-stage and feeling your energy will engage potential clients and help attract your tribe to you. If you are unable to make an offer from the stage, find out if you can at least invite interested attendees into a free discovery session with you after the event.

Follow up. Going to networking meetings or attending events is a fantastic way to make new contacts and find potential clients. But, if you are simply collecting business cards that are picking up dust in your office, they are a waste of paper and time. Follow up on leads and new contacts right away with an in-person meeting, phone call or a hand-written card. Do not use email as your follow up system, other than to schedule a time for a meeting.

Offer your programs from the heart. People know when you are genuinely interested in helping them and when you are just looking for profits. Be transparent, authentic and a little vulnerable in your marketing materials so potential clients can have a real sense of who you are and why they can trust you.

Get out there and find the very people who need your help!

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/small-business-articles/5-tips-you-can-implement-immediately-to-attract-ideal-clients-today-5003268.html

About the Author

Lisa Fraser is a Marketing & Money Mindset Business Coach and the founder of Lisa J Fraser Business Coaching - "Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling on Your Consulting or Coaching Business Income".

Lisa specializes in helping coaches and consultants who are struggling to get their message seen and heard so they can attract ideal clients and generate a great income with their business. By leveraging their time and streamlining their offers, clients are able to work fewer joyful hours in their business and avoid the 1:1 burn-out. Lisa's clients create a Signature Brand, plan out their marketing a year in advance, create a "million dollar mindset" and finally charge what they're worth...and get it!

With her positive energy and an unwavering commitment to the success of her clients, Lisa draws out the unique qualities and passion in her clients.

Lisa Fraser is a Money, Marketing & Soul Coach, Certified Coach Practitioner and Certified Niche Breakthrough Specialist.

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