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3 Steps to Help You Find Direct Sales Partners
By Kim DeYoung

Imagine a business where you have really great partners and customers - that you absolutely love. Where you're all focused, as a team, on taking your business to the next level.

There are a lot of things that make your partnership great like ...

  • You enjoy your time together on the phone and in person.

  • They're smart, fun and open-minded (just like you).

  • They don't make excuses because they have a strong personal foundation.

  • They're self-starters who take initiative so you're not pulling them along.

  • They have similar goals and a strong work ethic.

  • They're authentic and resourceful.

  • You provide each other with mutual support, enthusiasm and great work-at-home mom ideas.

Business Partners Wouldn't it be fantastic to have these kinds of partners? You can! These relationships will support the growth of your business and also fuel your own personal growth. The question is... how do you go about finding these ideal customers and partners?

You start with identifying your muse

Who's that ideal person you want to grow a business with, provide mutual support, and speak with multiple times a day? In last month's issue I shared with you advice on How to Attract Ideal Customers and Partners. (Please click here if you missed that issue.) I talked about the importance of identifying your muse and carrying that vision with you always. Having clarity about your "ideal" customer and partner will make it easier to attract them. But where exactly are you doing to find them?

Three steps to connecting

You have to put yourself out in the world and give yourself the opportunity to connect effectively, meaningfully and authentically. Here are three steps that help me -and I promise will help you -to find the right business partners and customers:

Rolodex 1. Create a contact list of all the people who are or can connect you to your muse.

This is the first step and is the key source of the pipeline that will allow the rest of your business to expand. In creating this list write down everyone you can think of, whether or not you will actually contact them, because it will trigger your memory. Most of us know a lot more people than we realize.

Methods to add to your contact list:
  • Use the Yellow Pages - This can jog your memory of business people you know in the community.

  • Call your warm market - In other words, contact your friends and family and ask them for referrals. Ask them if they know anyone that fits the description of your muse.

  • Old lists - Pull out lists from your wedding, high school, etc.

  • Online communities - Search for acquaintances on Facebook or LinkedIn. Look for women interested in online home-based businesses. Use Metromom's Search and Connect to find like-minded women.

  • Walk and talk - Everyone is a stranger until you say hello, so interact with people in the grocery store, on the soccer field or at your hair salon. The beauty of a direct sales business is that our partners and customers can be all around us.

2. Always expand your contact list.

A growing contact list will keep your business moving forward so it should grow daily. Challenge yourself to add one name to your list per day. Make sure you carry your list with you everywhere.

3. Share your muse and vision with others.

muse Many in direct sales say that you should speak with everyone, that it's a numbers game. I agree that you should note all the

people that you know and that they know. However, I recommend that you be more targeted in your approach. Share your clearly defined muse with others so they can be another pair of eyes and ears. You'll be more successful if you seek out partners consciously versus haphazardly.

By learning how to connect with your "muse," you'll find determined, self-motivated partners who want to help others and are serious about earning additional income. But once you've made the connection, how do you present yourself?

About the Author:

Kim DeYoung (aka "The Metromom") is committed to helping moms - with entrepreneurial spirit - to be successful in all aspects of life. She provides dynamic coaching and trainings every month to help women maximize their potential at Metromom.com, an interactive community for moms in direct sales. Kim will show you how to dramatically increase sales and connect with like-minded women in her FREE CD - "The 7 Deadly Sins Women in Direct Sales Make... And How to Avoid Them." Learn more and order your FREE CD now at www.metromom.com

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